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  • Do you know who your dream client is?
  • Can you describe in one sentence who you want to work with?
  • Are you clear on what problem your business solves?

My name is Braith Bamkin and I am “The Target Market Guy”.  Why should you listen to me and what do I have to share?

As the owner of two successful BNI regions in Melbourne, I have worked with thousands of small to medium sized businesses who have joined the organisation to grow their business through referrals.  It’s fair to say over the years I have come to learn what makes some businesses more successful at business than others.  One key attribute stands out; being clear on your Target Market.

The Australian Bureau of statistics states that 60% of all small businesses fail within their first three years.  That’s a huge failure rate, but its every more frightening when the statistics also say that 345 000 new businesses are started every year in Australia.  That means around 200 000 Australian households face the harsh reality of business failure every year.  I believe for many, this is not due to bad management, but a lack of clarity on a Target Market.

I started my sales career in commercial textiles (which were smaller family run companies) eventually leaving the industry to complete a Master’s Degree in marketing.  Through my networks, I gained employment in large business and worked for Nokia, Telstra, Orange and Three Mobile.  All of that gave me a very clear understanding that I longed for the days of working in smaller business which led me back to a Sales and Marketing role in the mattress industry.  I enjoyed that so much that I bought one of the franchises which led me to formal networking and BNI.

This varied career has given me the skills to help BNI members grow their business.  When I work with a new client, it all always starts with knowing your Target Market.  This is how I became known as the “Target Market Guy” – a name that has stuck and I think it sums up what I do.

Many businesses outside of BNI started asking “The Target Market Guy” for help that it became clear there was a hunger for knowledge on the subject. Because I love small business, I am particularly focused on 1-5 employee businesses in their first 3 years because understanding your target market has a massive impact on business survival which means I can directly affect the happiness of thousands of Australian households.

To share the message of the importance of knowing your Target Market, I have developed online courses, in person immersion workshops and keynote speaking engagements across Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia.