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5 Steps for new businesses to define a target market
So you’re new in business and don’t have any customers.
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Joining a start up chapter versus an existing chapter
For the last couple of months, I’ve been working on
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Proactive v Reactive referrals
There are only two types of referrals:  reactive and proactive referrals.  As a BNI member,
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Generating referrals is just being helpful
It happens to all of us – sometimes we’re so
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What my first mentor taught me.
Recently I was made aware of the death of my
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Are you BUSY networking with no results?
Are you an avid networker?  Are you getting a significant
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Lessons from big business – why having a Target Market makes your advertising effective.
Big businesses spend a lot of money defining their target
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The Top 7 ‘other’ reasons to invite visitors to your BNI meeting
The Top 7 ‘other’ reasons to invite visitors to your
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6 reasons why reporting Closed Business is so important in BNI
Thanking fellow members for business their referrals have generated for
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Depth and Diversity for a powerful network
Human beings tend to hang out with others similar to
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