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Develop a Target Marget – full day

In this full-day, highly interactive workshop, I will take you through the journey of why having a target market has an impact on every aspect of your business.  I will then share with you ways in which you can develop a clear target market for your business, including segmentation strategies for multiple products.  We will then explore how to implement this in your marketing plan and communications.

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Target Market Crash Course – 2 hours

If all you want is the basics on how to identify a target market, this course will give you the basics so you can start getting clear on who you are trying to target and why.

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One Page Business Plan – 2 hour Workshop

Don’t listen to people who tell you-you’ll need to develop a massive document for your marketing plan.  If it’s longer than one page, chances are, no one will ever read it, let alone you!

In this 2 hour workshop, I will teach you how to develop a simple one-page business plan with a clear action plan for the next 90, 180 and 365 days that you will revisit every week.

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Networking 101 – Half Day Workshop

Does the idea of networking leave you cold?  Most of us know we ‘should’ start networking, but this may seem like a daunting exercise.

In this half-day workshop, I will take you through the basics of getting started.  I’ll give you the tricks of the trade when attending networking events and how to develop a network that will generate referrals for your business over the long term.

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I run Workshops in-house as well as publicly across Australia and SE Asia.

Contact me if you would like me to run an in-house or custom programme for your organisation or for a group of your colleagues.