Your breath is the secret to feeling connected in a disconnected world.

When your breath correctly, your emotions take on a life of their own. By paying attention to the natural rhythm of your breath, you can regain control over both your body and mind.

I work with people to breathe through situations across any facet of your life with just a few simple techniques. My technique will help you discover how the science of controlled breathing enables you to stay personally present and professionally poised.

Important meetings, difficult conversations or even the stress of juggling a career with family life can all be stripped of their anxiety-inducing qualities with just a little awareness.

Breathing can help you slow down or speed up, but ultimately, your breath lets you perform at your best.

The cornerstone of my conscious breathing techniques are:

  • Coffee Breathing - This is the practice you use to pick yourself up. Give yourself a natural burst of energy to seize the day.
  • Water Breathing – Balance your nervous system to stay present. This practice acts as a baseline for a connected life.
  • Whisky Breath - Slow down your nervous system to prepare for sleep or to signal relaxation after a stressful situation.

Everything I teach is simple and easily applicable. I want to help you reconnect with your breath and yourself to remain fully present at home and on the job.



Enrich your social connections. Boost your immune system. Melt away the stresses of day-to-day life.

Laughter really is the best medicine.

Several years ago, I was hit with a case of Bell’s Palsy, causing temporary paralysis to the left side of my face. At risk of living with permanent nerve damage, I began my rehabilitation journey with facial exercises to gradually help my muscles repair.

Every day, I had to exercise a combination of facial expressions to get my muscles back in action. But as the weeks went on, I realised I wasn’t just relearning facial expressions: I was reconnecting with their associating uplifting emotions.

I had never practised ‘forced’ smiling before, but my conscious efforts revealed how smiling lifted my mood, even if I couldn’t physically smile at the time.

I learned that the brain can’t tell between real happiness and fake smiling, so you can trick yourself into feeling good.

Embracing laughter as a natural therapy brought an unwavering sense of joy I now carry with me throughout each and every day.

Which is why I’m excited to share with you how laughter can improve your life, reduce stress and make you more in tune with your emotional wellbeing.

The main therapy for getting muscle tone back is to do facial exercises which gradually turn the muscles back on. These include smiling and making all types of expressions to retrain muscles. As I did my exercises, I began to notice smiling actually lifted my mood, even though for the first few weeks outsiders could hardly tell I was doing anything due to no external success! On the inside, though, I was smiling and feeling good about it.



Make referrals a breeze and set yourself apart: A few simple strategies are all you need to grow your business.

You know referrals and networking are integral to your success, so why is it so hard to get a plan in action?

Make referrals simple by unlocking the formula that will propel your business.

Sharing the concepts I’ve learned in BNI and from 30 years in relationship building, I’ll teach you what it takes to be successful in a referral-based business.

You’ll learn the frameworks behind a solid referral strategy, practical strategies you can apply immediately and how to break down the barriers that are holding you back.



I’ll help you feel connected in a disconnected world.

To build the business or leadership career you’ve always dreamed of, you need to bring your people along for the ride. Because when your people come into work with a sense of joy and pride in what they do, you can achieve anything.

Reconnect with your sense of purpose and reduce work stress through ‘The Business of Breathing’, a framework I created for business owners and teams seeking a more productive and grounded working environment.

Speaking from the heart to create a genuine connection with your team, my passion lies in helping businesses seeking actionable tools to improve team performance and boost company morale.

When you and your team connect to themselves and others, everything changes:

  • Workplace conflict is reduced
  • Employee retention rate improves
  • Leaders lead with compassion and empathy
  • Organisations and individuals make quicker decisions
  • Collaborative teamwork is enhanced

I’ll help you and your team find calm in the chaos of everyday business, allowing for a greater sense of connection.

Take responsibility for your worker’s wellbeing and receive an abundance of tools you can start using immediately to get better results. Get everyone on the same page and leave with a new suite of skills to take onwards into your business.

Join one of my transformational keynote events across Australia. Bookings are now available for 2021.



Business growth made simple.

I’m proud to be the Executive Director of BNI in Melbourne Central. My vision is to educate and empower business owners and leaders to develop meaningful, long-term relationships through a structured referral marketing program.

Having worked with thousands of members since 2008 after accruing 30 years of experience in relationship building, I’m excited to share my secret formula to success with you so you can build a strong network that fuels your professional growth.

BNI is the world’s leading referral organisation with over 275,000+ members in 10,000+ chapters worldwide.

If you are interested in finding out more, please visit our website.


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