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My mission is to empower business owners with the tools and knowledge to excel in marketing, human connection, and effective networking. Explore my range of resources designed to help you grow your business and enhance your professional relationships.

Free Mini Course

This mini course offers a simple, step-by-step guide to getting your business referrals ready. Perfect for beginners, this course provides actionable insights to start generating referrals immediately.

Quick Guides

Quick Guides are created for essential tips on marketing and human connection. These 5-10 page PDFs are designed for business owners looking for quick, practical advice.


These blogs covers a range of topics including human connection, marketing, business growth, and networking. Gain valuable insights and practical strategies to improve your professional life.

My Book

"Breathe Easy" by Braith Bamkin offers insights into the mechanics of breathing, techniques for energy and calm, and the role of posture in physical well-being. Learn how behavioral activation and conscious breathing can change your life.

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Learn what drives success in your business & generate more referrals?

Discover the Structured Process to Generate Quality Referrals & Elevate Your Business

by Braith Bamkin

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Reserve your seat for next year's (2024) live event where you'll learn invaluable strategies to grow your business. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity.

I want to see you achieve your wildest dreams and support you on your journey.

I'm Braith Bamkin, and I'm here to help you achieve your business goals and reach your full potential. As an accomplished business owner, engaging trainer, and public speaker, I have the skills, experience, and passion to help you get where you know you deserve to be.

My motivation is to help business owners avoid making the same mistakes I've seen members make throughout my business life and years as Executive Director of BNI in Melbourne.

That's why I offer online programs that deliver practical insights and actionable advice on topics related to networking, referrals, and leadership. I'm passionate about helping you succeed and make a positive difference in your business.

Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro, I can help. As a public speaker, I can wow your audience with engaging, entertaining, and informative talks on topics such as networking, referrals, and leadership.

And if you're looking for practical tips to dial down the noise in your world, my book "Breathe Easy" is the perfect solution.

So why not take the first step and connect with me today? Together, we can help you achieve your business goals and take your success to the next level.


What They Say

I have rarely been as impressed with a trainer as I was when I attended one of Braith's sessions."

Tanya Hobson Knowles

Solutions Provider and strategist

Braith, your education session on how to get the best out of one on one meetings in business was a great help. It allowed me to see how to effectively convey my goals and enthusiasm for my job to others. Lots of common sense so rarely used in business today!

Brendan TobinBrendan Tobin

Director and Architect at BANTAM Architects

Braith is a natural story-teller and uses stories to share his knowledge in a way that makes it easy to understand and importantly, memorable. I learnt some very valuable information at one of Braith's recent training sessions where he demonstrated his in-depth understanding of the investment required to build and maintain referral partnerships.

Hayley Robertson

Marketing Strategy Coach and Business Mentor for service-based small businesses | QLD Ambassador for the She Will Shine network

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