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Telling my friends that I was going to learn how to be a Laugh Yoga Instructor, I got responses like
I recently had my bathroom renovated. I live in a small townhouse in inner-city Melbourne so the bathroom wasn’t that
5 Hacks to become a great conversationalist. Networking is a contact sport, as Dr Ivan Misner, founder of BNI once
It’s the holidays and many of us are taking time out to enjoy the fruits of our labour. But the
What is a referral? A few days ago, I delivered a training session for the Victorian Small Business Festival on
It’s not very often that I visit a BNI chapter outside of my region, but I was recently in the
There seem to be a plethora of ‘experts’ online these days claiming networking is dead and referrals don’t help grow
The goal of any referral relationship is to pass quality referrals so it stands to reason that if you know
Anyone who has ever been in sales would concur that customers buy on benefits and then justify on features. This
So you’re new in business and don’t have any customers.  You’ve heard marketing experts tell you time and time again