Why aiming your product at ‘everybody’ perpetuates scarcity in your business

If I asked you “who are you targeting your business to” and you responded “everyone” then this post is just for you!

All too often when I work with clients, I ask them who they are targeting and they say “everyone”.  It’s very tempting to believe and on some level, it’s probably quite possible that “everyone” could buy your widgets, but unless you are a global brand powerhouse (and even they have clearly defined target markets), your product or service is not for everyone.

To make things worse, I know that this also perpetuates scarcity within businesses because when you aren’t focussing on your niche, you are really saying that you don’t believe there is enough business to go around and you’ll probably get stuck in that place until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing.

Let me explain.  I am a big fan of Amy Porterfield (as many of you know and if anyone could ever introduce me to her in person, you’d make my day) and Amy works with businesses to make their online businesses explode.  Recently on her weekly podcast she had Marie Forlio of B-school on.  Marie is a wildly successful online entrepreneur.  I was engrossed in this recent podcast because Marie was talking about how abundance in business comes from believing that when you niche down to a clear Target Market, you believe that abundance will come your way.

Now that may be a bit ‘woo-woo’ for some, but I’ve seen it very clearly in my own experience working with business entrepreneurs.  This usually starts by me challenging them on the notion that their product ‘really isn’t for everyone”.  As we break it down and resistance shifts, we eventually get to a very clearly defined Target Market.  This allows them to be very specific in all their marketing messages, from Social Mediato referrals and without question, what follows are significantly better clients spending much higher dollar amounts than ever before.  Abundance in action.

The really big bonus is that when you chunk it down and believe in abundance in your defined business, life just seems to be easier.  My observation is that it’s easier because things flow and clients get to work with people or businesses they really like.

If abundance is a block for you, check out Jason Snaddon who has built a career helping others to activate their abundance.

If you’re finding it difficult to get specific in your business, listen to the podcast, check out what Jason has to say and come back to your business and ask yourself one simple question “am I really clear about who I want to do business with and am I attracting these people as clients?”.  If the answer is no, it’s time to start putting some energy into getting specific.

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