Your Target Market is buying on benefits

Anyone who has ever been in sales would concur that customers buy on benefits and then justify on features. This is a concept that is as old as selling itself. But are you communicating your product or services benefits to your ideal Target Market in an effective manner?

Have you ever gone out and bought a car with a simple little runabout that is economical and practical in mind, but driven away in a sleek sports model, or the spec’d-up version of the basic model you promised yourself you’d never even look at? Chances are, the car salesperson was able to take you down the benefits path which would have sounded something like:

“that bigger engine will get you home to your family faster”
“those seats will cradle you as you are stuck in traffic”
“that custom paint job will have everyone checking you out on the road”?

Yes, we’ve all heard versions of that before. Of course, when you get home the conversation with your partner will sound quite different to the one you had in your head in the showroom. You’ll rattle off all the features as a way to justify the purchase (faster engine, leather seats, safe colour).

We buy on emotion every time.

So, understanding your Target Market will help mould your sales presentation to emotionally connect with your future customers. This holds true for Business to Business sales as well as direct to consumer sales, after all, businesses are run by people too.

What is the ‘pain point’ your Target Market faces? In other words, what problem will you be solving for your ideal client?

For example, a bookkeeper may be seeking to work with young Tradespeople whose growing business is being hampered by their need to generate invoices, reconcile payments, pay wages and pay taxes. The benefit to this Tradesperson is that they will free up time which, as a younger person, can be spent with their family or to further develop their business. The benefit is ‘free time’ the feature is a system implemented by the bookkeeper.

After hiring the bookkeeper, the Tradesperson will say, “yes, this bookkeeper is costing me an extra $200 a week, but the systems that they are putting into my business will enable it to grow”. That just sounds like a good business decision and that Tradesperson can easily justify engaging a bookkeeper.

Your job as a business owner is to think about how you are going to connect emotionally to your ideal customer. Without knowing who your Target Market is you are never going to be able to connect your solution with their pain point.

I’ve spoken before about the need to develop an ideal client Avatar. Personalising your Target Market will help you to understand how you’ll connect with that client. The more you know about their wants, needs and pain points, the easier it will be to connect with them.

Once you’ve done that, this will dictate everything you do form packaging, team, website logo – yes everything!

Take for example the above example of a bookkeeper. If these Tradespeople were the bookkeeper’s ideal client, their marketing would be designed to show the benefit of using them – in this case, free time. So, marketing brochures, websites, etc may have pictures of families together, or the obligatory person lying on a hammock on a beach. When out pitching to the potential client, they’d be talking about all the free time they’d have and the many things they could do with that time. Of course, they’d be talking about the software system they’ll use to make this happen and the processes they’ll be putting in place but it’s the emotion the potential customer would be connecting with.

Spend some time listing all the benefits your Target Market will be connecting with your product or service on and let this guide the way you market your product. But remember, if you don’t know WHO you want to sell to, you’ll never be able to connect. Remember, as my mentor said to me many years ago, specific, is terrific – but that’s a whole other blog post!

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